Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Fighting for my Dad's last will & wish : Introduction

I love my Dad. He is not in this world anymore so that I can give him a hug, cook something nice for him or he cooking something nice for me. But I can still share thoughts of him and thoughts in thought with him.

My Father still has outstanding business - his last Will and Wish.

Dad's Testament in which he appointed a specific person as Executor and Administrator, is not being respected by this appointee. Since this is still my Father's voice speaking, I shall fight for his human rights to have his last will executed accordingly.

This may well speak for others and the further purpose then is to alert others that might be subjected to this once they are in their graves. Their loved ones will also be subjected - they will suffer turmoil and pain beyond imagination when they see the disrespect with which their beloved ones' last will is being treated... whilst they still have to cope with the loss of a loved one....

It is over two years since my Paps left this world.... I could not bury him yet. His ashes are still in a little wooden box, his voice is still roaming.... his last will has not been done yet.

In this matter, regardless of who is heir of Dad's Estate, I speak for my Father. And I hope his voice blended with mine may speak for others. Be strong. Righteousness prevails. Truth rules.

What has been published shall be published again. And I shall repeat over and over again what my Father wanted. Until Dad gets what he wanted.

References can begin with: Estate Late Izak Johannes Philippus Els

Testament: Appointed Executor and Administrator : Antonie Jagga of Deane & Thresher

Place: Kroonstad, Free State Province, South Africa.